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Post  The Papranazi on Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:13 am

Alright, no one likes rules. There's hardly any here because of that. Here's a few, though, to keep our forum from being shut down, and just other shit:

1. No pornography.
2. No posting of warez/torrents. Keep that to personal messages if you have something to share with someone via less than legal means.
3. No racism. Some as a joke is good fun here and there, but no serious shit. We will kick your ass.
4. No homophobia. Same as above.
5. No spamming/advertising unless it earns me money to buy Oreos with. I love Oreos and so should you.
6. Taking a shot at everyone is great and all for fun, but don't seriously harass anyone. Don't stalk 'em or go out of your way to insult them. That's just flaming.
7. No double or triple posting unless there has been a considerable amount of time passed between your last post and your new post. The edit feature is there for a reason.
8. No huge signatures. No one likes them, and if you have one, no one will like you.
9. Melissa's fat. We know.
10. Don't be fuckin' retarded.
11. If you're going to discuss spoilers concerning books, TV shows, movies, or video games, use spoiler tags. Don't be a dick.
12. No double accounts/dupes.
13. Don't revive/bump dead threads. If the last post was over a week ago, unless you have something to contribute to the thread, let it go.

I really don't want to do anything to you guys, but if there are any violators to those rules, you will either get a warning or suspension. It takes a lot to get banned at this forum.

This may be edited in the future.

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