Backlog of housing and its resolution

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Backlog of housing and its resolution Empty Backlog of housing and its resolution

Post  Aidan on Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:39 am

On the basis of 1981 census data, the backlog of housing needs, as on 1st March 1981, was estimated by the National Buildings Organization to be of the order of 5.9 million dwelling units, the break up of which is as follows:
a) Homeless                                                                                           0.2 million
b) Overcrowding and congestion
    i) Excess of households over houses (excluding houses)                 1.1 million
    ii) Number of married couples requiring separate room/house          0.3 million
c) Replacement of traditional houses                                                     3.1 million
d) Obsolescence/replacement of old houses                                         1.2 million
Total                                                                                                        5.9 million
The state government has resigned to the fact that through its own efforts it is impossible to meet the increasing backlog of housing units in the state.  Thus the private players are given more freedom in the real estate market.  Even then major developments are still not taking place due to the hidden controls and other rules and regulations.
In the recent census that was completed in the year 2001, the government has been able to see the results of the freedom given to the private sector.  The private sector has already effected major changes in the real estate sector in the state.  To own an Apartment in Kochi , it is now becoming increasingly easy than ever before mainly due to the availability of home loans of various interest rates.  The proliferation of apartments in Kochi is now being noted as a key factor that resulted in the reduction in the backlog for housing in the teeming city.  The skyline of the city center has already changed in a mass way.


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