I love all of you.

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I love all of you. Empty I love all of you.

Post  The Papranazi on Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:50 am

Almost six years of no activity on this forum and I'm fine with that. I think what we had here was a really great time, at least for me, and I hope it was for whoever's reading this as well. This forum is an excellent time capsule of a small part of our lives where our thoughts, dreams, and general messed up sense of humor could be archived, rather than lost to deleted MSN Messenger chatlogs. All the angst, the love, the fun.. Everything. Everything all the time.

I was very sad when I started this forum and it helped me through some tough shit. Years later, yeah, I'm still sad, but I'm standing, and I'm also smiling because I've seen a lot of you grow up to do big, amazing, incredible things that I'm proud of you for. If you're wondering "Is he talking about me?" then just know that I am. I know we'll never recapture the feeling that this forum had, but that's part of what makes our time on it special: We can't replicate it, and I know I couldn't and wouldn't have replaced any of you for anyone else. You were here because everyone here wanted you to be.

To all of the friends that made me laugh via our fucked up senses of humor, all of the friends that talked to me and comforted me during one of the hardest times in my life, and all of the friends that I wished so desperately were family:

Thank you. I love you.

Take care, guys.

P.S. Melissa's fat.

I love all of you. 2148ktj
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